Buddy Up Training Week 11-16 Nov 13

A meeting was held this evening to discuss the Buddy Up training week 11-16 November 2013 and the list of threes or pairs is follows:

  1. Gary Brodigan             Donnach Callan
  2. Sheena Dullaghan      Aoibhean Byrne
  3. John Mc Kenna            Kerri Petticrew
  4. Peter Tomany              Dessie Duffy
  5. Colin Teevan                James Carroll and Kevin Hamill
  6. Barry Casey                 Nuala O’Donaghue and Siobhan Greer
  7. Kenneth Byrne            Dermot O’Connor
  8. Gerry Mc Cabe            Damien Lawrence
  9. Fergal Cunningham    Sarah Fagan
  10. Lorcan Fisher               Richard Murphy
  11. Gretta O’Connor         Seamus Meehan
  12. Alan Gray                     Fra Murphy
  13. Brian Mc Crsytal         Gavin Kieran
  14. Mary Laverty               Conor Peticrew

Now that the groups have been decided all that has to happen now is that the groups meet up and train together ideally before the 16th November 2013 as follows:

  • Complete 3 sessions of Swim, Bike and Run
  • The pairs should decide among themselves where and when to complete the training sessions to suit both.
  • The specific session in question should be geared towards a race season session to give the other person an idea what to strive for.
  • Some of the pairs have individuals that may strong at one or two disciplines but need work on the other. In some instances this will pan out, as the other person may need help with the two you are strong at and will be able to help you with your weakest discipline.
  • If you are unable to complete all three sessions before the Saturday 16th of November 2013 there is no problem maybe think about arranging sessions after the Buddy week
  • If two pairs wish to train together there is no issue with this either.
  • If anyone has any difficulty in making contact with his or her training partner or partners leave a private message and we can help you.
  • The main goal is that people exchange views and notes and above all enjoy the sessions and get a chance to know other members of the club.
  • At the end of the week the club are meeting up at a social venue in Dundalk that has to be confirmed to have a bit of Craic, a few drinks and have a laugh

If you want to change or add your own sessions up during the week 11-16th Nov 13 that’s up to each group and if you want to begin training ASAP that’s up to you also.

For this to work we need exercise a bit of common sense and initiative to make it a success.